MIAMISpa Day at the Mandarin Oriental Miami

Hi everybody!  If you did not know it is officially Spa Month until the end of August here in Miami!  This girl will definitely be taking advantage of the specials since I have been nonstop since the beginning of this year dealing with this move.  Below I leave you with my review at my favorite hotel here in Miami from 2015.  Due to the fact I have visited the majority of these hotels/spas due to my job below I am recommending my top choices.  Let me know if you will be taking advantage, I just might join you 😉 .

******Not a sponsored posts.*******


July and August; have to love them in Miami as it means Miami Spa Months has officially started.  Great spas here in Miami offer their great services for $109USD plus tax and gratuities (depending on the service).  Selecting spas are participating in the program which means your favorite could be in the list or you could try a new location.

I am a fan of the Mandarin Oriental located in Brickell.  It’s where Jennifer Aniston stayed while filming Marley and Me.  Bad Boys II was filmed there.  I stayed for a night with my mom and we had a blast! It is one of the places here in Miami to see famous people.  Not to mention they are rated as one of the top Spa Hotels in Florida.

My appointment was set for 5p but I arrived 2 hours early hoping to be able to fit a pedicure before, unfortunately it was not available until after my appointment so I decided to relax in their relaxation room which has snacks and flavored water until it was time for my massage.

A tea and warm cloth is given to you while you fill out some forms.
A tea and warm cloth is given to you while you fill out some forms.


Spa Therapy Room
Spa Therapy Room

I had a Tranquil Delight massage given by Carla.  I definitely had some tight muscles that at times it was painful but in the end I was feeling refreshed. I loved the body scrub the most!  I realized my massage ended when I finished washing the salt and oil off and that Carla said, “I will take you back to the relaxation room.” 🙁 I wish I could have extended the time.  I relaxed in the relaxation again until Feli came and picked me up for my pedicure.  She did a great job and yes I love pink 🙂 .



I had a great time at the Mandarin Oriental.  I would also love to thank Jenine for charging my iPhone when it died on me.  That is what I consider great customer service.  Exceptional service from beginning to end was what I received the moment I entered.  I’ve been to their property before as a guest and with my job but I was never able to take advantage of their Spa services until now and I will be back next year 🙂 .  If you haven’t taken advantage of Miami Spa please do, it ends on the 31st of August!


My recommendations for #MiamiSpaMonth besides Mandarin Oriental:

1 – The Biltmore Coral Gables

2 – Ame Spa and Wellness at the Turnberry Hotel.

3 – The Spa at The Setai

4 – The Spa at Carillon Miami

5 – Tierra Santa Healing House at Faena Hotel.

6 – Spa by Espa at The Acqualina Hotel.

7 – The Trump Spa at the Trump Resort in Doral.


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Women In Travel Summit Recap

Hi everybody!!

A few weeks ago I attended Women in Travel Summit (WITS) which is the premier event for women travel bloggers.  Approximately 500 women attend WITS every year and the number keeps on growing.  Once their tickets opened for sale for this year in Milwaukee I went ahead and purchased as I wanted to be surrounded by women who blogged about my same passion – travel.

The summit was from April 21st-23rd held at the Hilton Milkwaukee which had sufficient space and beautiful chandeliers for us to stare at all day!

Hilton Downtown Milwaukee provided by Hilton MKE.
Loved their interior! Picture provided by Hilton MKE.

For Friday I started off my day by having a 1 on 1 session with the wonderful Brianne Miers from A Traveling Life.  Eye opening session and something I so needed to know in which direction to take my blog.  From our session I learned:

  1. I need suggestions for my blog name.  I chose JazzyJ because that’s what my close friends/collegues call me at times and I wanted to write more then just single mom life and travel but I’ve been told to stay with one specific topic and go with that.  My original blog name was SingleTravelingMom and situations could change and its best to pick a name that can continue with me throughout.  So I have a few suggestions in mind.  What do you think my new blog name should be called?  & yes I am sticking to the single mom/travel adventures.
  2. I need a tag line.  A sentence that can let my audience know what my blog is about.
  3. Oh & the major one – I need a serious website update.  I mean I already knew that but still.  Currently working on that.
  4. Work on my blog posts.
  5. Create a logo.
  6. I speak Spanish so why not go Bilingual?  Writing I am not 100% and speaking my Spanish is 100% Cibaeno 😀 lol so umm lets see.

Now let’s go to Blogging 101 Day which was hosted by Travel Blog Success.  I am so glad I purchased this ticket because it was full of knowledge for a newbie like myself and their How to Create an Editorial Calendar given by Robin left me speechless.  Thank-you Robin for the great suggestions!  I honestly did not know the many factors that went into planning your Editorial Calendar.  Let’s just let the following picture to speak for it self:

If you are attending next year I highly recommend purchasing a ticket to this session as it has valuable information for us newbies.

Quick Tips: On Twitter post 3-4 times in a day in different formats as it might get missed.  After 3-4 months you can remind your followers on a blog post.  Also, REPURPOSE EVERYTHING!


Build it Better: Taking Your Blog from Drab to Fab with Leticia from TechSavvyMama:

  1. Your blog has to evolve with you.
  2. If you are a strong writer it will get you anywhere.
  3. Join Amazon affiliates – luggage/products.
  4. Dropbox – save pictues!
  5. Posts your YouTube to FB page.
  6. Update your Media Kit every once in a while

How Bloggers Should be Pitching to Brands with Visit Milwaukee, Visti Oklahoma City, and Annie from Dominican Republic Tourism:

  1. On your 1st visit don’t ask for much, 2nd visit depending how blog post does then you could possibly ask for more.
  2. Own your brand.
  3. Exceed their expectations. Know your worth. Build that relationship.

By the way who knew Oklahoma City is mostly known as a family destination?

Other pictures and tips from the conference:

Oneika Raymond & her tips














Improving Engagements on Social Media thanx to Valerie:

Pinterest Knowledge:

  1. Sign up for a Pinterest Business account.
  2. Put Pinterest links on the image.

It was a great weekend getting to know fabulous ladies – Andrea, Sofia from Urban Gourmand, Jaci from MissAirStream, and many more.  It was great reconnecting with my girl Kim from WorkHardTravelWell.

Sofia, Kim, & I with Fonz.

WITS had a wall where we could sticky note our goals for the year.  Below is mine:


Next year WITS will be hosted in beautiful and historic Quebec, will I see you there?

See you next year Quebec!

Thank-you WITS for exceeding my expectations as I honestly did not know what to expect and thank-you to the wonderful ladies for making me feel so welcomed.  See you next year!



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DiMe Summit & #Hispz17 Time


Hi everyday!  Hope your week is off to a great start.  I am currently having a workcation here in Downtown Miami for Hispanicize 2017!  It’s the largest conference the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship.  This is my 2nd year attending & loving it.  It’s something I plan for in advance due to the networking and the knowledge you gain.  If you are a blogger or in the media industry this is definitely a conference you must attend.  Below are a recap of yesterday which started with DiMe Summit at the Rubbell Family Collection Museum and day 2 with the first official day of Hispanicize.

DiMe Summit Recap:

As you might know Wynwood is Miami’s Art District and this year the event was being held at the Rubbell Family Collection Museum.  I have never been here and I am not an art’s person but I actually loved the place and compared to last year location in my mind is was 10 times better.  Why? Because this was inside versus being outside like last year and you know the sun in Miami be crazy at times.

From the opening panel:

  • “Give your the permission to know the real you.  With your permission, LOVE YOURSELF!”-Martin Llores
  • Don’t let age put a limit on your dreams.
  • Why wait for your next life?  Do it NOW!
  • “Rise up to the blessings God has given you.”-Martin Llores


Ximena Duque, Chiqui Delgado, y Maria Celeste Arraras-the Latina Moms Panel after lunch.

I attended Kathy Cano-Murillo from Crafty Chica session on How to Build Your Brand.  Notes from her session:

  • What are your secret ingredients?  What makes you special?  What do you love?  What do you have to offer?
  • Find that story that you have that makes you vulnerable.
  • Put it all together to elevate your business.
  • Strive for that laugh, cry, or wow from the audience.
  • Know your goals and put them into your schedule.  Have a vision ALWAYS!
  • Always have something new in the works.  Change it up.  The key to staying relevant is changing it up.

It was great to personally meet bloggers that I follow and spend some quality with them.

With Laura from @TheFashionDivaB & Michelle from @HealthyFatChick

Thanks to Best Western we received complimentary massages from Exhale Massage Miami and provided wine during Happy Hour.  Jack Daniel’s was also present with their new Cinnamon Whiskey.  Not my favorite to be honest, I’m just not a fan of cinnamon like that.  I’ll rather sprinkle it into my smoothie or dessert :).

Lunch was sponsored by Disney Parks and Elena of Avalor was in the da house! If you follow me then you know Sammy LOVES Elena!  I recorded Elena saying hi to Sammy.  Sent it to my mom and she said that he loved it.

Around 3:30pm I decided to head back to the hotel as I had only slept 3 hours.  My plan was to wake up at 6pm to be back to the event by 7:30pm.  Well I ended up waking up at 7:30pm!  Then the decision was to attend or not attend the Juanes concert?  I ended up putting on sneakers, having dinner at the hotel, and taking a Lyft to the Perez Art Museum.  The museum is beautiful and the view to the Bay is spectacular!  No wonder so many weddings are being held there.

I listened to 4 Juanes songs and called it a night, I was tired!

Day 2 Recap of Hispanicize 2017:

So my day was supposed to start at 6am….yea I woke up at 7:20am!  Made it to the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel (where Hispanicize is being held) at 8am.  Had breakfast there and attended my first session: Understanding your Google Analytics.  A topic I am very blonde in (no offense!).  There I learned I need to set up an account with Analytics on Google and the type of reports provided about who/when/via where people visit your blog.

Second session: Engagement, Digital Advertising, & Creativity for Journalists with Gaby Castellanos who I adored!  She was real and blunt and cursed if it was required.  Notes from her session:

  • Don’t be afraid but be careful on what you do.  Reputation is everything!
  • How you write and produce is what counts.
  • Now in days brands/companies instead of looking for quality they look for popularity.  I prefer quality even if that blogger has a small following because I know I will get great content.
  • At the end of the day you have to do what you KNOW.
  • Every talent has a market and where there is a talent there is money.
  • Each one of us have a value.

Lunch was with Laurie Hernandez-pretty and that smile is God sent!

After another panel I left to change because I got confirmed to attend the Private Viewing party for El Capo starting the handsome Mauricio Islas, Sara Maldonado, and Iran Castillo being broadcast via Telemundo.  I am honestly looking forward to 10pm.

This man just gets better and better como el vino :D.

After that I returned back to the hotel to get ready for the next day.

To Be Continued……






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2017 came in with a Bang

Hi everybody!

2017 came in with a bang that I was not expecting.  A bang that has had me on an emotional and mental rollercoaster-not enjoying it one bit reason why all the goals I had planned for this blog has been in the back burner but I am coming back little by little.  I’ve been back to attending the South Florida Bloggers meetings and I’ll be attending Hispanicize next week.  This is my 2nd year attending and I honestly can’t wait!

So here’s a recap of EVERYTHING that has been going on.

December my boyfriend/fiancée/future hubby who took the father role with Sammy decided he needed a break from it all and left us to do him. To live life.  That turned my world upside down especially like we had made plans to move to Orlando in May of this year. Give Sammy a sibling within the next 2 years and get married.  Now if you’ve been following me long enough you’ll know that Sammy’s biological dad walked out on us when I was 8 weeks pregnant.  This man was the only father Sammy knew since he walked into our life when Sammy was not even 2 months old.  I say knew because kids are smart.  Sammy noticed that he wasn’t around and when he would come around to pick up his mail Sammy would pay no attention to him.  Everybody tells me that it’s a blessing he walked out now and not when Sammy was 5.  Agreed but it still hurts as a mom and as a girlfriend. The companionship is gone.  I come home to an empty apartment. I am alone in picking up the pieces for Sammy and I just as when I was 8 weeks pregnant.  Seeing him walk out like it was all fine and dandy was like deja vu all over again.

If you follow me on Instagram you know my Sammy is currently not with me.  He’s back home with my mom in Dominican Republic.  I miss my Sammy all the time.  When I facetime him every evening and he decides to hang up with me it breaks my heart.  I’ve cried many tears since I left my Sammy.  Daycares here in Broward close at 6:30pm and I work until 9pm.  He used to take care of Sammy and due to him and I not being together anymore and family being far Sammy is living it up in DR while I’m here missing him.  In a way I try to think about the positive effects this has on him: not too attached to me, he’s speaking Spanish, and he is enjoying his Dominican culture, but it’s hard!! I give props to mothers who travel for work and are apart from their kid(s).

Sammy with Grandma in Santiago, DR.

So like we had plans to move to Orlando by the end of April guess who is about to be homeless?!!?  Yup ME!  Ladies and gents unless you see a future with somebody DO NOT sign a contract for a house.  November 2016 we signed contract on a new built house to be ready by April 2017.  December he ends the relationship.  From January to like a week ago I was doing everything in my power to be able to get that house on my own but in the end he went back on his agreement he made with me two weeks earlier and I decided to say good-bye to this house that was costing me my mental health.  So what does that mean?  I have about 3 weeks left to see where Sammy and I will live.  Not fun.  The sooner I can find a home, the sooner I can request work from home, and the sooner my Sammy will be back with me.

In the midst of all this my aunt passed away from Stage 4 Cancer on January 30, 2017.  I can honestly say that with everything I have going on I haven’t even had the time to mourn my aunt.  My aunt was a strong woman who worked with the American Red Cross in DR (she was actually one of the 1st helpers in Haiti when the earthquake hit), gave her time to the community, and had a smile to light up the room.  She was always available for everybody but never took the time to take care of herself and by the time she wanted to it was too late.  She is missed everyday.  I miss her everyday.  I believe her passing taught us that we have to make time to take care of ourselves.  Also, to enjoy every moment because you never know when your last moment will be.  My last memory of her wasn’t very pleasant so I immediately think of her smile.  Ladies take care of yourself!

At my baby shower with my aunt and her daughters. She decorated my 5th year birthday, 15s, and Sammy’s Nautical baby shower.


I decided to change my name to my blog after a session I had with Natalie from Wine with Nat.  When I started the blog it was under TravelerSingleMom and I am going back to something like that.  I had forgotten the real reason I started blogging and it was great to be reminded why I decided to start this journey.  Currently in the process of getting help with the website and hopefully by June I’ll have everything to how I want it. In the mean time everything is still the same.

So yes 2017 did not start as expected but it has taught me to have my t’s cross and my i’s dotted.  That at your lowest moment you’ll discover how strong you can be.  I’ve never felt more alone then I do now.  Coming home to an empty house and going to sleep by myself wasn’t something I was looking forward to but its one growing pain I will definitely value.  It has also taught me I basically have no friends which hurts but not everybody is going to be there for you like you would be there for them I guess.  Definetly learning to stand on my own two feet. I got this…somewhat lol!

But when you see me you don’t see a depressed/emotional girl, you’ll get happy Jazmin because at the end of the day you have to dance through the storm and I am dancing to some típico or Bruno Mars jam!

Thank-you for reading!


P.S. I dreamt with my aunt last night since her passing and I woke up with a smile.  Thank-you Tia!



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Hello 2017!!!

Hello 2017 and hello to you too!!  I know I’ve been disappeared but I honestly did not think of the amount of work it would take to make this blog grow and grow well.  Between being a full-time employee, mom, and a housewife it all caught up with me.  I’ve been posting on my Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat-JazzyJBlog <–no excuse to not be following me! 🙂  But I am back and with determination.  I have tons of content which means I should be able to post once a week, don’t worry I’ll keep you updated!

So it’s 2017 ladies and gents!!  Wow honestly 2016 was just like yesterday me!  2016 was full of adventures, making peace with the past, and saying hello to a 2017-I’m so ready for it!  Like it’s the new year you know what that means — New Year Resolutions!!

A new year for resolutions, goals, hobby, or even a teaching class to learn something new.  This year in my personal life I am making the cautious decisions to put myself first.  To take some time for me because if I don’t take care of me I can’t take care of Samuel.

For JazzyJBlog my goals for this year is to follow an Editorial Calendar thanx to the Blog Elevated to have a plan on what to write and when to post.  I am also going to meet with 2 great individuals within the circle of South Florida Bloggers to help me to expand my brand and basically tell me what direction to go because my friends I feel so lost.  I am also attending many blogging conferences that will help me even more, want to join me?  This year I’ll be attending:

  1. We All Grow Summit in beautiful Los Angeles March 2-4.  After attending their one day Summit here in Miami last September I told myself I definitely had to visit their huge summit in Los Angeles.  They did so much for one day that I can’t imagine everything they’ll do for their 2 day event.  They also have a one day summit in NYC on June 3rd which I plan on attending as well.
  2. Hispanicize in my hometown of Miami April 3rd-6th. This will be my second time attending.  Last year I met great people in the blogging industry and learned about Snapchat and the blogging industry.
  3. Women in Travel Summit in Milwaukee April 21st-23rd.  This is my first time attending and I can’t wait!  Their schedule already has me excited.
  4. TBEX in Huntsville, Alabama May 4th-6th. I attended for the first time 2 years ago when it was here in Ft. Lauderdale and it was a lot of information that I so needed to hear as well as an awesome opportunity to meet with companies willing to work with travel bloggers.  Can’t wait to return to this conference especially in a city I have never been!
  5. BlogHer is coming to Orlando, Fl. June 22nd-24th.  Orlando is my 2nd home and I’ve been an avid follower on Twitter so I’ve definitely purchased their ticket.

Hopefully those will help me meet my goals of getting published on a website, working with a brand, gaining a good amount of followers, and to hopefully start my YouTube channel.

What are your plans for this new year?  Hopefully you’ll reach all your goals and more!




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Reflecting on my 20s now that I am 30.

Ladies and gents I am finally 30, the big 3-0.  Lots of people have told me that you would view life differently and I used to laugh but it’s for real.  You seriously start viewing your life differently-your friends/work/dreams/goals.  Thursday June 23rd I had a very chill day-salon and dinner at Benihana’s due to the fact my 30th birthday trip to New Orleans was scheduled for Sunday (that blog is coming).  Friday morning at work I was looking at my computer monitor like, “Is this it?!”

Don’t get me wrong I love my job and the perks that comes with it but if it were up to me I would be traveling all over the world with my family writing our adventures.  As a child I always said I wanted to be a teacher, that changed when I discovered you could make a career in traveling, writing about travel to be more exact thanx to Travel and Leisure.  I will admit I haven’t graduated from college and that is partly to school debt and yes procrastination on my part but I’ve told myself that by the time I am 35 I need to have my AA and BA.  Sad to write that I am 4 credits shy of getting my AA in Hospitality and Tourism Management.  From there I want my BA with a minor in Writing.  I am also looking into the possibility of getting my Teacher Certification for Early Childhood.  With this being said-find your passion and pursue it.  Life is too short to be doing what your heart does not desire.

I’ve always said your 20s are the years of getting to know yourself and what you want out of life for that by the time you are 30 you know what you want and you are going full throttle to get it.  In my 20s I was not doing the crazy party life nor the crazy college stories you are probably used to hearing/reading.  I was living in Miami by myself working and going to school full-time.  It taught me responsibility and that I am perfectly ok with loneliness-I don’t need to have somebody there just to not feel alone.  I also learned I do too much for people and in the end it’s never appreciated.  In my 20s in regards to men I was a late bloomer, preferring my books over boys and even though I had lost a lot of weight and was in my lowest weight I still didn’t feel comfortable in my body to have it be appreciated by somebody else.  After being in my relationships and actually feeling unappreciated I’ve finally found that one person that accepts me-good and bad-and loves my Sammy as his own.  My 20s taught me what I definitely did not want in a relationship and to feel very appreciated in a relationship.  To court, say thank-you, make time for each other, play as kids, and most importantly have that someone that will say yes to all your craziness = match made in heaven 🙂 !

My friend Lucy told me the other day that once you turn 30 you’ll know the difference between friends and acquaintance.  I can say I know many people because I am very friendly in that nature but I can literally count my friends aka my ride or die with one hand and that is all I really need.  You will also notice that your friendships will change once you become a mom.  Your perception of life changes and as you grow your relationships either grow or they start heading in a different direction and that is ok.

Looking back at my 20s I see-night out until the early morning, driving from NJ back to MIA in a day to restart my life again, working in the hospitality/tourism industry, love, heartbreak, disappointments, anger, frustration, girl trips, new chapters.  Now I see a strong woman who has realized she needs to put her well being first to continue being the loving somewhat patient mother Sammy needs lol.  Here’s to 30s hopefully full of more travel, happiness, health, and peace of mind 🙂 .

I am blessed to see another year and everyday I am grateful to be here.  Thank-you Jesus and thank-you all for your well wishes.  I saw each and everyone of them on my Instagram/Facebook account.

Anything you want to say about your 30s, let me know!

Monday, June 23, 1986 at 6pm.
Monday, June 23, 1986 at 6pm.
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!




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30 #BucketList before turning 30

So thanx to my fellow blogger Lia at A Girl in her Thirties I decided to revamp my Bucket List for 30th Birthday.  Below is my 30 things to do before turning 30.  So I have approximately 5 and a half months to finish….wish me luck, lol!

  1. Learn a new skill.-Scrapbooking, photography, who knows.
  2. Learn a new language.-I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak Italian.
  3. Learn to cook a new meal.-Umm mami you could teach me how to cook sancocho.
  4. Visit all 50 states or at least half!
  5. Visit a new country that is NOT Dominican Republic 🙂 !-Hello Costa Rica?
  6. Get a new piercing.
  7. Get a tattoo.
  8. Do that dream road trip.-CA Route 66
  9. Buy Diamond earrings.-Cuz I read somewhere that a girl should have Diamond earrings by the time they turn 30.
  10. Buy expensive shoes.
  11. Donate to 5 charities.
  12. Travel SOLO!-since becoming a mom this is huge! lol
  13. Watch a Broadway show.
  14. Do something that scares me aka something involving heights.
  15. Jet Ski!
  16. Make a homeless care package.
  17. Throw a dart on a map and go there.
  18. Join a book club.
  19. Swim with Dolphins.
  20. Get a penpal.-Do those even exist?
  21. Go to a gun shooting range.-Suggested by my ex Team Leader.
  22. Say YES for 24 hours.-God help me.
  23. Be in 2 places at once.-A Time to Remember moment.
  24. Run a marathon.
  25. Publish on a website.
  26. Go to a concert.
  27. Start a collection.-Shotglasses? 😀
  28. Eat in a famous 5 star restaurant.
  29. Purchase a Business class ticket on a flight that is more than 3 hours long.
  30. Send a message in a bottle.

Like? Yay or nay?

Let’s see how it goes, wish me luck lol!



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Sammy 1st Plane Ride

Hi everybody!  Hope everybody is having a great lazy Sunday.  Yesterday Sammy and I returned from being home aka Dominican Republic which means it was Sammy’s first plane ride!  We went home for a week to take care of personal business and for that the rest of the family could meet Sammy.

Not because he is my son but Sammy is a true trooper.  On the way to Santiago, Dominican Republic/STI-my home airport-my mom was traveling with us, on the way back it was just Sammy and I. Below I share some tips for your infant/toddlers 1st plane ride.

  • It’s worth the upgrade!  For each segment upgrading to Business class was $110USD-so worth it!  The extra legroom and perks for the 2 hour ride with a child is a plus.  Back in my single days?  I would have sat comfortably in Economy.  Sammy was able to sit on the floor at some points and walk between my mother and I as well.
Ready to take off in Business class.

  • Stroller.  I have a MacLaren Quest stroller which I purchased because it’s travel friendly.  Easy to fold and easy to open.  Pick the best travel gear for you and your baby.
  • Entertainment.  I will admit I totally forgot to pack some toys but my son is a very friendly toddler so on the way to STI he made friends with the children sitting behind us and on the way back to Miami he only wanted his juice and food like it was an early morning flight.  Talking about food…
  • Pack enough snacks and drinks for the duration of the time you are waiting to board and for the duration of the flight.  I brought YogurtBites and his cup to purchase apple juice and water once we passed the TSA checkpoint.
  • Pack extra clothes.  On our way back to Miami Sammy dirtied himself thanx to a major #2 he took due to the fact he is getting new teeth.  Diaper and his onesie went straight to the trash can and a new shirt and pants were put on him.
  • Patience!  This is mostly for us.  At the end of the day they are infants/toddlers that don’t really comprehend the concept of what is going on.  Yes they are bound to cry and throw their mini tantrums.  Count to 10 and handle it the best way you can.  At the end of the day we are all humans.
American Airlines ready to take us back home to Miami.

I am very happy Sammy did well.  He did throw a scream here and there but it wasn’t an OMG moment.  I will admit I dislike flying especially after 9/11 but the fact that I was traveling with Sammy made me calm my nerves even more especially because I did not want him picking up my nerves as well.

South Beach from the air.

This was our first trip for 2016 and it was great.  Tomorrow back to the real world lol.  Enjoy and Happy Martin Luther King Day!  To those off-enjoy, to those working like me hopefully 5p arrives quickly 🙂 .

Take care!



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Hotel Review: Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Hello and welcome to my first blog of 2016. Below is my hotel review of the Waldorf Astoria Orlando, enjoy!

Relaxation surrounded by trees.  That was what consisted during my stay at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Orlando for my mom’s birthday weekend.  The Waldorf is a Hilton property (literally next door to their sister property) within the Disney properties on Bonnet Creek.  It is 4.5 miles from Epcot and 5.1 miles from Magic Kingdom.  Perfect for every type of travelers but perfect for Business travelers.  During my stay there was a huge conference on property and the next week as well.
The first thing you notice while you are driving up is the beautiful entrance of palm trees with Valet waiting for you even at 12:30am.  They took our luggage and Sammy, mom, and I walked in to the beautiful Christmas decorated lobby.

 I was in awe especially because the decoration reminded me of Frozen.  We were met by the gracious Front Desk agent Laticia who assisted us through out our stay.  We were then escorted to the elevators to take them to the 7th floor.

We were reserved into a King Deluxe room that came with a sofa bed and was connecting to another room.  Due to the layout I honestly thought it was a One Bedroom Suite due to the fact there is a door that separates from the living room to the bedroom.  There was a sink with an Expresso machine and a fridge in the room as well.  The bed was comfortable (all 3 of us slept comfortably).  The flat screen tvs had AWESOME definition, lol.  The bathroom was great.  I loved taking a shower with the awesome pressure in the shower head.  The view from our balcony was breathtaking.  Going to Orlando as a kid I remember it as mostly trees and hills before hotels took over the Disney properties.  It was great to see that the Waldorf Astoria is surrounded by trees and keeping that landscape within their property.

 I did not get to enjoy the pool but across from the pool their is a game area which Sammy enjoyed.  Did I mention he was screaming of excitement every 5 minutes?  He sure was!  He definitely enjoyed this trip!  Now that he is able to walk he lets go of my hand and does his own adventure.  He even stopped to smell a rose!  Love seeing our adventures through his eyes.  There is also a hammock located by the game area which my mother enjoyed.  Sammy not so much; he preferred to sit UNDER the hammock, lol. 

Peacock Bar-right in the lobby perfect to grab some drinks or a light meal through out your day.  Depending on the evening they do have events going on.  While I was there our last night had a bar full of sweets plus champagne.

Food-everything was delicious except for a mini steak burger I ordered.  I requested well done and it was brought to me medium rare, no thank-you!  Breakfast at Oscar’s is a must!  They have everything from a buffet, omelet station, fresh fruits and juices, etc.  I had the pleasure of having breakfast there Friday morning and it was delicious.  My yogurt parfait picture even caught the attention of the Waldorf Astoria Orlando that they reposted onto their Instagram account.

Side note: Waldorf has bikes included in your resort fees to ride from their property to their sister property Hilton right next door.  From what I was told it’s a beautiful ride along their golf course.  I was planning on riding it after breakfast but Sammy fell asleep and my mom went to get her hair and nails done at their Spa-great but very pricey experience-.  Hopefully on the next trip.

From all the hotels I have visited in Orlando each hotel is different depending on your need and wants. Would I visit the Waldorf Astoria again?  In a heartbeat!  I loved the location, it’s surrounding, their exceptional service, and just the relaxed vibe you received from everyone.  So the next time you are in Orlando definitely make a stop at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando and let them know that I encouraged the visit 🙂 . 

 Happy New Year!


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Bucket List for 30th Birthday/2016

Wow!  Can you believe it’ll be 2016 shortly?  Doesn’t it feel like yesterday that we just ringed in 2015?!?  I had a 2 month old in my hands and now I have a 1 year old!  Time sure does fly!  This year I turn the big 3-0.  In 6 months and 22 days!  Below are my personal and career goals that I hope to reach by the time I turn 3o or at least half of them.

  • Travel more–I hope to visit a new city/state/and hopefully a new country.  Costa Rica has been calling my name.  So has DC. I promised my brother who lives in San Francisco. Lets see!
  • Attend Blogging conference–Last year I had the privilege of attending Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) here in Ft. Lauderdale and it was a great experience.  As a newbie meeting other bloggers and companies that would like to work with bloggers was very knowledgable.  In 2016 I hope to attend at least one of these: BlogHerBlogElevatedShesWanderful, TBEX as well.  I definitely will be attending Hispanicize and WordCampMiami.  Can’t wait!
  • Health–I need to attend to myself especially now that I am a mom.  I hope that before celebrating my birthday I have lost at least 30lbs, at least! lol  Sticking to my Vixen Army workouts, my gadget FitBit, and healthy eating.  It its time!  I fantasize running a marathon next year.

Very blessed with the year I have had.  Heres to another AWESOME 2016!  Enjoy and be safe my loves!

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