Who is JazzyJ?

Hi!!  My name is Jazmin.  Growing up my nicknames were Jazzy Jaz, Jazzy J, or Pochocha by my mom.  Originally I named my blog TravelerSingleMom but I wanted something more diverse to be able to write about anything.  Yes the majority will be about the adventures with my son Samuel and my travel but sometimes it won’t.  So welcome and thank-you for reading about our adventures.

A little history about me:

I was born in Dominican Republic and raised in Miami since I was 1 years old.  Yes I live where you vacation 🙂 .  I will admit I am not a beach person but I do love my sunny weather 90% of the time until Fall season kicks in and I wish I was in Boston.

I’ve always been a writer and a reader since elementary school days.  I am able to express myself better through my writing vs trying to dilate why I am feeling the way I am.

I originally started this blog to write about my emotional struggles as a single mother but due to the fact I am with somebody who has taken the role of dad no need to write about that anymore reason this blog will consist of my 2nd passion-travel.  I dislike flying but I love traveling and getting to know new places.  I also write about life in South Florida and anything else that interests me.

So Welcome to Our World and enjoy the ride!




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