Hello world!


My name is Jazmin, Dominican girl who grew up in Miami and is now living in Broward County.  Last year in October I gave birth to my handsome Sammy.  I’m a single mom.

I decided to write this blog to tell my story and to meet other single moms.  To share the high and low moments.  I also love to travel so every once in a while I will let you in during my vacations.  I’ve been writing since my elementary school days; it’s the best way that I can express myself.  My hope is to become the next big blogger but at the same time I am perfectly ok with just being a blogger.

Even though I have done my research I am NEW to the blogging world.  I read and follow many bloggers but me myself doing the work I am kind of lost so feel free to leave me any advice.

Welcome to my world, well our world :).




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